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Before pics of Mpls house

These are some BEFORE pics of the house in Minneapolis. We’ll be starting the renovation in a few days. 🙂

Can Facebook hear me?

My husband and I were talking about investments.  A half hour later an ad popped up on his Facebook newsfeed from several investment companies and they continued for at least a week.  Is it possible Facebook hears us?  This has happened to me several…

Get ready for spring!

With melting snow and dirt everywhere, start spring cleaning at the entrance to your home! Sweep the walkway to lessen the dirt being tracked in your home. Clean the mat outside your door or get a new one. Get your planters cleaned out and…

Must know facts if you’re ready to sell!

Important facts if you are thinking of selling your home Know your local real estate market –  It’s critical to know what the local trends are for your neighborhood.  Ask your realtor do a market analysis to compare your home to homes sold recently…

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