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Homes for sale in Twin Cities

According to Northstar MLS, the Twin Cities listing service, this shows the average amount of homes in the Twin Cities has declined over the last three years. The amazingly low interest rates have prompted people to purchase a home instead of renting. The lower… Continue Reading “Homes for sale in Twin Cities”

Should I buy or rent a home? Get started with three easy steps

The advantages of buying a home versus leasing

Need reasonable portable storage?

After selling our buyers’ home, they needed to a PORTABLE STORAGE UNIT.  We helped them price out storage units by calling the more popular names that we’ve seen in driveways.  We followed prompts on their websites as to when and where we would need… Continue Reading “Need reasonable portable storage?”

Which is better? Dryer sheets or fabric softener?

Standard laundry detergents and dryer sheets have many toxic chemicals that aren’t even listed on the packaging.

7 plants that help you sleep better

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, here is a great idea for a gift to help make your home healthier.

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