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After selling our buyers’ home, they needed to a PORTABLE STORAGE UNIT.  We helped them price out storage units by calling the more popular names that we’ve seen in driveways.  We followed prompts on their websites as to when and where we would need units and were notified by their sites (not a person) that units were not available for several weeks and they were much more expensive than we imagined!  We brainstormed other means to store their home furnishings.

We searched out other portable storage companies and found a GREAT BUY in Blaine! has several locations (Duluth, St. Cloud, and Blaine).  Blaine was most convenient for our buyers. gave us a quote promptly and then dropped off a storage unit that week!  They picked it up the following week and brought it to their storage facility.  It was so easy!  The best part is they saved our buyers hundreds of dollars!  They have units 12″, 16″, and 20″.  Our clients got a 16″ and they stored their medium-sized home (3 couches, 1 bed, washer/dryer, lawn mower and other household furnishings) in it with room to spare!

The customer service at has been phenomenal.  Dirk has been professional and efficient.  He responded promptly to our request to get the container moved into our buyers’ new home.  This is a company that provides a great service and appreciates its customers because they treat them well!

If you are planning on selling and staging your home, it would be beneficial to get a storage unit and store some of your furniture and furnishings so buyers can see your home!  Depersonalize it by taking pictures down and trinkets off the shelves in order to give your home a clean slate.  We provide free staging services with every listing.

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